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by Mainland Change Agent on QHHT Session
Perfect Alignment

Suzanne possesses a truly unique gift. She intuitively and skillfully facilitates a gentle and insightful process. My session with her revealing and enlightening. The insights gleaned provided valuable guidance and connection to higher self, resulting in a perfect alignment. I highly recommend working with Suzanne on this unique QHHT approach.

by Louanne Ellis on QHHT Session
the best

I have had sessions with three different practitioners. None of them was in the same class as Suzanne. Her sensitivity, integrity, and experience allows one to get the very best out of their experience. I can tell from reading other reviews that individuals have different goals and requests. I have had three sessions with Suzanne and I always got more than what I expected. This can be an experience of a lifetime. And I know that with Suzanne you will be comfortable, safe, and responsibly guided. I feel the sessions are valuable on many levels, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

by sophie on QHHT Session
different but good

This experience was different from what I had expected. I didn't go deeply into past lives as I had expected. But it was very healing. I did see a beautiful clear vision of my higher self/soul. I was given guidance and much needed soul integration. There was resolution of the issue I had come for and a real push forward into a place of clarity. This is an experience you must be open to because it doesn't have to hit like a bolt of lightning but is more subtle and gentle than that. I believe it will come in whatever form is most appropriate for each person at that time. But if you want to access your own higher self and the healing of the greater forces, this is the way to do it. If you are afraid, don't be, you will be taken care of. If you have lots of experience with meditating and vision/dreams this will be different as it was for me. I was given a confirmation and understanding that is coming from a second party but who happens to be me! There is so much you can take away from this experience.

by Lotus Dove on QHHT Session
Epic Experience

♡♡♡As a seasoned practitioner in energy work, and having received dozens upon dozens of various types of healing therapeutics, I strongly recommend Suzanne's past-life regression sessions. Suzanne holds space in such an open~hearted, warmly compassionate, and very wise and expert fashion so that her clients feel nurtured, safe, and relaxed to surrender into a deep space and journey. My personal sessions have allowed me to gain clarity, insight, powerful recognition and sacred knowledge about my own past lives as well as parallel ones, and as a result of these breakthroughs my life has felt more enriched, integrated, and understood.For anyone searching true inner connection, higher guidance and thorough, comprehensive spiritual attunement, Suzanne is a master in her own right and should be contacted!

by Richard Diamond on QHHT Session
Posted on 11/8/2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my QHHT session with Suzanne. The experience was profound and enlightening. I had some interesting past life journeys, but the ultimate was when I accessed my own guidance system. I had a simultaneous experience of being my Higher Self giving guidance, to my "normal" self.It was like being in a room with yourself in ordinary consciousness, and, simultaneously, being with and talking to your Higher Self.I was actually able to provide insights and suggestions for myself from a place within of higher frequency. I was in the presence of, and receiving a "reading" from someone (my Higher Self) who had intimate knowledge of who and what I was, thus, providing insight and support to enhance my life experience. This was the best "reading" I have ever had. . . and, of course, it came from the depths of my very own Self. All of this occurred in full consciousness. I have really wanted to follow up on the initial session; I felt that another visitation was needed , but obligations in my life, up to this point have prevented another visit.However, as I write this, I am putting it on my agenda to have another session with Suzanne and see what treasures are still awaiting to be discovered.

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