Questions are where we begin.

During our free, pre-session interview we will discuss the ways you will need to prepare for your session. It is you who will formulate the questions that together, we will be asking your higher self in your session.

QHHT sessions are only conducted in person

Without pets or other observers, in a serene and private location on Kauai’s beautiful south side.  Your session will move you into a deep, clear and peaceful trance state, which is much more easily attained, (and sustained) in a physically quiet place where external distractions are as close to null as is possible in our modern world.

QHHT sessions can run anywhere from 3 to 5 hours

Everyone is unique and your session will be tailored specifically to you.

Individual sessions start at $325.  Per session price adjustments are possible for those who are interested in multiple sessions. Share. Ask. Questioning is always encouraged here…

Your QHHT session is audio recorded

Re-listening to your session is important because each listen strengthens your direct connection to your higher self, and further opens your own intuitive channels. This powerfully facilitates personal growth.

You can receive your audio copy via the media of your choice, this is one of the points we cover in our initial interview. I am not set up to video record sessions.

Where will you go?